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Our mobile and stationary cash register system leaves nothing to be desired.
Despite the complex possibilities, it is simple and understandable.


Eyes on the guest. Work faster with our efficient operation.

Powerful tools

With our diverse options, we make the cash register system tailor-made for your business.

Professional Stats

Knowledge is power: Our statistics module is powerful and will inspire you.

    • Our complete POS system has a focus on customizability and efficiency.

    • Stationary and mobile cash registers and printers
    • Cloud-based administration from anywhere
    • Fast support through remote maintenance
    • More sales with fewer staff through efficiency
    • (Wireless) bonus, cancellation, splitting, rebooking, discounts
    • Waiter, table and rights management
    • Extensive statistics
    • Central data maintenance for immediate map changes
    • Mobile and stationary printing
  • Our cash register system can be expanded to include many products.
Many many payment methods

Pay directly at the checkout without an additional card reader!

  • Support new and old payment methods
  • The currency conversion takes place automatically
  • More payment methods will be added in the future, so you are on the safe side and can always process payments

Mobile payment, saferpay,, Tap on Mobile

More service?

Call the service at the push of a button. This person will be informed immediately about your request for advice
e.g. on our elegant service clock

Service Watch

If the guest calls the service, the service is immediately informed via a vibration alarm.

All-encompassing statistics

Our system collects a lot of data.

Receive detailed sales statistics, evaluations and diagrams.
With us you can statistically evaluate almost everything. Nothing is left to be desired.

You are looking for a key figure and we are guaranteed to deliver it.

Sales statistics, stats, evaluation

Why swiss delicious®?

POS system providers are a dime a dozen. So why should you choose swiss delicious®?

Other cash register systems are programmed all over the world, so why not rely on Swiss quality software?
We have been working with touchscreen-based cash register systems since 2008 and have constantly expanded our products to suit the needs.
Back in 2010 - when hardly anyone had a smartphone - we made the cash register mobile on Android.
Swiss made, of course.

Meanwhile, our cash register system is so sophisticated that guests (customers), employees and management notice the differences.
Thanks to our development, which has lasted over a decade, you benefit from an advanced product that will inspire you.

Our POS system is compatible with all of our products.
  • Highest efficiency
  • Mobile and stationary
  • Future-proof

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

It is important to us that you are satisfied with us.
If you have any further questions, please contact us!

Why should I use a POS system?

Cash register systems offer many advantages over simple cash registers.
Many processes can be fully or partially automated, data can be easily merged and evaluated, etc.
In short: A cash register system simplifies and reduces daily work processes.

What is radio bonusing?

Radio receipt means entering orders via radio or similar wireless transmission methods.
The order is entered directly by the guest and is therefore immediately in the cash register system.
In the kitchen or bar, the order is immediately displayed on the order displays is displayed and can be executed directly.

Is a discount system available?

Our cash register system has an extensive and freely configurable discount and price system.

Can I manage user and access rights?

Our checkout offers numerous options for managing user groups and their rights.
In this way, service employees, head waiters, kitchen and office staff can each be assigned individual rights.

How do my items get into the checkout system?

Your menu can be managed conveniently via PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone from anywhere and at any time.
Product groups and items can be entered, edited and deleted via our administration interface.
Of course, we are also happy to offer you help with the initial configuration.

Do my employees receive training in operation?

We have developed our cash register system intuitively for minimal training times.
In addition to remote training, we also offer detailed training (on site if desired), in which all functions are explained step by step.

For which industries is the cash register system suitable?

Our POS is suitable for use in retail, hotels and restaurants.
It can be used in cafés, bars, snack bars, boutiques, cosmetic studios, hairdressing salons and other service providers also possible.

Does the cash register work without electricity?

Our devices also work without electricity. One battery charge is enough for an entire work shift.

Is data lost in the event of a power failure?

No, don't worry. No data is lost in the event of a power failure.

Is the cash register waterproof/dustproof/...?

Yes, depending on the device used, the cash register is waterproof, dustproof, oil-resistant, fire-proof, shock-resistant, etc.

Can I use additional devices with my cash register?

Yes, there are many options here:

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