Service Display Monitor KDS Küchendisplaysystem


Our order monitors can be used very flexibly.
It can also be used under difficult conditions.

In the right place

Every order always appears where
it should be processed.

Receipts sorted immediately

No receipt is lost anymore
Receipts are always automatically sorted correctly.

Service under control

Get accurate notes from service.
Provide instructions to service.

  • Our KDS (Kitchen Display Systems) can be used almost anywhere.

    • All orders at a glance
    • Cooperative work possible
    • Different monitor sizes for every need
    • 10 point touchscreens
    • Emergency battery operation
    • Protected against heat, water and shock with IP68 protection class
    • Multi-monitor operation
    • Many filter options (product group, area, time ...)
    • Optional printing function
    • Each monitor can support different languages
    • Variety of view settings
    • Cooperative work on multiple monitors possible
    • Communication with the service
  • The order monitors integrate fully into our products:

Instruct service?!

The service is automatically informed when orders are ready for delivery.
e.g. on the service clock or on the mobile cash register

Service Watch

If the guest calls the sommelier, the service is informed immediately.


Why swiss delicious®?

There are now a few providers of monitors/displays for kitchens and bars.

swiss delicious® successfully used the first kitchen monitor in the Mama Puccini restaurant in Kufstein, Austria, in 2010.
We understood very early on that the future points towards the digitalization of kitchen receipts.

In 2012, visitors to the Internorga trade fair in Hamburg were able to enjoy version 2.0 of our order management system.
Thanks to our further development, which has lasted over a decade, you benefit from a sophisticated product that leaves nothing to be desired.

The digital kitchen display / bar display is compatible with all of our products and integrates fully into our cash register system.
  • Save printing costs
  • Walking distances are minimized
  • Communication with guests, service and management in one
  • Works on tablet, cell phone, PC, iMac, iPad etc.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

It is important to us that you are satisfied with us.
If you have any further questions, please contact us!

What display sizes are there?

Our order monitors not only work on iPads and tablets but can be perfectly adapted to the circumstances in your company.
Depending on your wishes and the local conditions, almost all conceivable display sizes are possible.

Can I still receive the receipts in paper form?

Your staff is used to classic receipts? No problem!
Of course, your tickets can also be conveniently selected and printed on the order monitor.

How does the kitchen find out about allergies, special requests, etc.?

Our kitchen and bar displays are fully compatible with our other products.
Orders via our cash register system or the Menu can be annotated and displayed in the kitchen and bar become.
Your staff can even respond with their own messages.

How is the service informed?

The service staff is informed via messages on our mobile cash register system or on the elegant service clock in real time via finished Orders informed.

I have a lot of staff. Isn't that a mess?

Our display systems have extensive filter functions and can be optimally adapted to all circumstances.
Not only can you divide drinks and food between the bar and kitchen, but you can also display the appropriate tickets for each workstation according to its area of ​​responsibility.
In addition, cooperative work is possible, for example articles in progress can be marked to avoid duplicate work.

Does the system support multiple languages?

Do you have employees who speak different languages? No problem!
Each monitor can be set up in a different language.

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