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  • Advantages for gastronomy

    Shorten your customers waiting times and give your service staff a break at the same time.
    Your customers will always be promptly served with our waiter call system and will never have to wait for a long time ever again.

    Faster service

    Save the time of both your customer and your service staff.
    No customer can be forgotten or overlooked.

    More customers

    By serving your guests faster, your personnel swiftly has free capacities for other customers.

    More orders

    Customers who are served faster can order again more quickly.

  • Advantages for hotel industry

    Reduce waiting times for guests and optimize communication between your staff.
    Benefit from our professional communication solution.

    Speedy service

    Guest service is lightning fast
    and your staff receives instructions immediately.

    Satisfied customers

    If the guest is served quickly, he or she is satisfied.
    Satisfied guests come back and rate you positively - even online.

    Flexible usage

    Works in all areas of the hotel:
    From the catering to the warehouse.

  • Advantages for retail

    Your customers benefit from fast service from the right employee every time.
    No more waiting, dissatisfied or poorly advised customers.

    Prompt service

    Your customers receive the service they want immediately.
    Waiting times are a thing of the past.

    Always an expert at hand

    The right professional is always found for every situation.
    Consultation and sales are always optimal!

    Communication improvement

    Simplify and improve your employee communication
    Shorten communication channels.

Many many functions...

Allround call system
Table plan/Location plan
Service statistics
3-in-1 Button
Potent battery life
Infinite range
Flexible size
Your own design
QR-Code functionality
Reasonable extensions
Fantastic device support
Global interface
Technical characteristics
Allround call system

Our call system/pager system can be placed and used flexibly.
Developed for the catering industry and further thought for the hotel and retail industries. You can also optimize your warehouse management.
Our solution works easily and everywhere.

Universelles Rufsystem, Universal Pager, Einzelhandel, Lageristik, Hotellerie, Gastronomie
Feature overview

Table plan/Location plan for quick overview
Service Knopf, Servicebutton, Flexibler Rufknopf

Our overview plan can show tables, shelves, rooms etc.
Always see where service is required and what type of request needs to be fulfilled.
The color separation of service types leads to a quick overview.

Feature overview

Service statistics

Our call system records the reaction times of your employees.
Identify service priorities and create perfectly coordinated shift plans.

Service Statistiken, Stats, Auswertung, Rufsystem
Feature overview

3-in-1 Button
Service Statistiken, Stats, Auswertung, Rufsystem

Each button of our call system can be assigned up to 3 different functions.

  • Adjustable message types: e.g. sales, advice, etc.
  • Many Smart Home functions: e.g. lighting control, music control etc.
  • Many other possible use cases, just ask us.

Feature overview

Longest battery life

Don't waste your human resources constantly charging the battery and save electricity.
Our buttons can do a lot with low energy consumption.
Up to 3 years battery life.

Service Knopf, Servicebutton, Flexibler Rufknopf
Feature overview

Infinite range
max range

By intelligently installing our hubs, we always achieve complete signal coverage in the area of ​​operation.

Feature overview

Flexible size

Our call buttons are very small and can be placed practically anywhere.
Our system is highly customizable and offers almost endless possible uses.
We offer various options to present the buttons more or less conspicuously.

Service Knopf, Servicebutton, Flexibler Rufknopf
Feature overview

Your own design

The design of our call buttons can be customized according to your wishes and requirements.
We can integrate your design specifications and your corporate identity into our product so that it fits perfectly into your company.
Our buttons can be mounted on elegant wooden boxes, on chic signs or any beautiful design item.
Please feel free to contact us!

Feature overview

QR-Code functionality

QR codes can also be placed on the buttons without the need for additional stands/signs.
By scanning the QR code, the guest can receive further valuable information.
Our digital menu is ideal for the catering industry.

digitale speisekarte
Feature overview

Reasonable extensions
puzzle, Kasse, KDS, Speisekarte

The pager system can be expanded to include numerous products that will enhance your business:

Feature overview

Fantastic device support

Requests triggered via the call system can be received on any device, whether on a PC/Mac in the office, on the cash register, on smartphones, tablets or on our Service Watch.

Natel, Desktop, PC, Tablet, Uhr
Feature overview

Global interface
Interface, Schnittstelle, API

Thanks to our universal interface, our call system can be easily integrated into existing systems and infrastructures.

Feature overview

Technical specifications


Range: ∞ / up to 200m per Hub.
Battery lifetime: up to 3+ years
Design: flexible
Size: Any size about H: 8.5mm, D: 30mm

Service Watch

Battery: up to 40h
Protection classes: IP68, MIL-STD-810G
Weight: 30,3 g
Size: 44,4 x 43,3 x 9,8 mm

Feature overview

How does the call system work?

1. Customer "rings"

Your guests trigger a service call via the service button, QR code menu or by scanning a QR code.

2. Staff informed immediately

The appropriate employee (e.g. consultant, salesperson, service) is informed about the type of service requested and the location via a (vibration) alarm on the service watch, cash register or order monitor.

3. Prompt service

The guest is served faster, becomes happier and has more time and desire to make further purchases.

Chef (de Service) extension

Give your staff immediate instructions from anywhere.
Your staff is immediately alerted and can follow your instructions promptly.

The sensible extension for Gastronomy, Hotels and Retail.

Expansion for kitchen, production, logistics...

Employees without customer contact can receive instructions, orders and information quickly and easily.

You can also provide your salespeople, consultants or service staff with useful information without wasting any time.

This means you can always look after your customers/guests in a reasonable time.


Why choose swiss delicious®?

Providers of call systems have been around for a long time.

swiss delicious® started making call systems smart over 10 years ago.
Instead of old, very limited wireless technology, we used WiFi (WLAN) right from the start. This allows us to send significantly more information than just a signal - comparable to the 1957 Sputnik satellite - which could only send out a ping.
Even the recipients of the messages were digital from the start and no longer analog.

Our communication system is now so sophisticated that guests (customers), employees and management can take full advantage of the benefits.
Thanks to our development, which has lasted over a decade, you benefit from an advanced product that will inspire you.

Our intelligent call system is compatible with all of our products and is fully integrated into our cash register system.
  • Very gentle on personnel
  • Minimize walking distances
  • Communication with guests or Customers, service and management all in one
  • Smart instead of analogue

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

It is important to us that you are satisfied with us.
If you have any further questions, please contact us!

Are other devices such as radio, TV, etc. being disturbed?

No, don't worry.
Our system works over its own wireless network and Bluetooth connections, so no interference can occur.

What is the range of the call system?

The range of the individual call buttons or pagers is up to 200m outdoors and approx. 50m in closed rooms.
The receivers only need a WiFi connection.
By using multiple hubs, we always achieve complete signal coverage for all areas of application.

How often do batteries need to be changed?

Depending on how intensively the system is used, the battery life is up to 3 years until a battery change is necessary.
You can do this yourself within a few moments.

Does the call system also work with my cash register system?

Our system works completely autonomously and can be used universally.
We are also happy to provide interfaces for other systems.

I don't have WiFi. Does the system still work?

Don't worry! We take care of setting up your network.
However, we would also be happy to help you provide a guest network with which you can offer your customers attractive added value.

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