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Through our digital shop window you can reach your customers wherever and whenever you want.

Sales Plus

Targeted advertising and information effectively increase your sales.

Live menu cards

Always display your offer and menu cards up to date and well placed.

Corporate Identity

Strengthen customer loyalty by displaying your logo/slogan.

Speisekarte auf Bildschirm Anzeige
    • Show your advertising whenever and wherever you want
    • Time control for content such as posters, flyers, etc.
    • Definable playlists
    • Items that can be added to your menu card
    • Show your offer on any number of screens.
      It is easy to divide your offer across different monitors
    • Your self-promotion to customers on your cell phone

Why digital signage?

Digital signage can be used individually and in a variety of ways and offers numerous advantages for your business.

More advertising space without printing costs

If you display content on a screen instead of printing it on posters and flyers, you save on printing costs. In addition, a screen displays different content in a short time, while a poster remains static and can only advertise one offer. This is how a small shop window becomes a large advertising medium.

Your offer well distributed

Show the offer you want to present on each screen.
For example, distribute your menu according to product groups such as food and drinks, advertise your daily specials specifically or provide information about events and special offers
As soon as you change something, it is already live on the screen.

Demonstrate sustainability

Customers are also becoming more and more environmentally conscious. By using digital signage, you reduce the ecological footprint of your business. The printing of posters and the associated logistics are reduced. The components of display solutions are also recyclable.

Real-time update

Digital ads can be customized to your needs within a few minutes. The adaptation takes place on all screens simultaneously and promptly.

Perfect timing

Whether morning, afternoon or evening, weekday or weekend - the customer base is constantly changing. Of course, every target group has different wishes and preferences. Digital advertising can be optimally adapted and thus enables optimal target group targeting.

Use your shop window space outside of opening hours

Customers cannot use your offers outside opening hours, but a digital signage solution can still actively advertise them.

Attractive advertising

When it comes to digital signage, the USA is far ahead of Europe. This makes it possible to make interesting predictions for developments on the European market, e.g. 80%1 of those surveyed in an American study said that they visited a small shop because a digital ad convinced them.
In addition, 20%2 of those surveyed have already made an impulse purchase after the product was advertised on a screen.

Amusing entertainment

Ads via digital signage pleasantly shorten necessary waiting times by 35%3.

Additional income

Digital signage is popular, attracts positive attention and the purchase pays for itself after a short time, as sales can be increased by up to 30%4 with a screen solution.

Look professional

Different and constantly changing posters and flyers can overwhelm your customers. Screen solutions appear more professional and send clear messages.



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