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Your digital QR code menu can be accessed in a flash and supports your service or delivery service in sales.
Guests love the ordering function and the ability to pay immediately.

Tasty details

“A feast for the eyes" Increase your sales with attractive images and stimulating texts.

Pay faster

Enable your customers to pay immediately. We support all common payment methods.

On any device

The digital card works on your homepage, on a tablet / iPad and on your cell phone.

    • Place-specific/location-specific ordering function for more sales
    • Ranking option to arrange the articles as desired
    • Central data maintenance for immediate changes
    • Delivery service without commission
    • Just pay
    • Guest's cell phone replaces the pager call system
    • Display of advertising possible
    • Powerful statistics
    • Photo service for delicious pictures
    • No more expensive printing errors
    • Integration into your website
    • Complete functionality of classic maps
    • Attractive pictures and descriptions
    • Order function (optional)
    • Pay with Twint, Visa, Mastercard etc. (optional)
    • Pager call alarm on the guest cell phone for finished orders
    • Flexible statistical evaluations
    • Flexible design (corporate identity)
    • Advertising on mobile phones in the digital menu
    • Central data maintenance for immediate map changes
    • Comment function for guests
    • Contact data collection can be switched on (Corona)
  • The QR code card can be usefully supplemented with other products.

How does the QR code menu card work?

1. Scan QR code

Your guests simply scan the QR code at the table
and the menu appears on your smartphone / iPhone or tablet / iPad.

QR code mobile cell phone
QR code mobile cell phone

2. Order & Pay

Every guest simply orders and pays for their food and drinks without waiting and without service staff.
(We also support cash payments)
With our Digital Signage Module you can present your advertising to the guest in a time-controlled manner.

Ads Advertising Mobile Cell Phone
Ads Advertising Mobile Cell Phone

3. Delivery or collection

All orders appear on your kitchen display and optionally on the guest monitor.
The guest's cell phone becomes a pager call system. The alarm can be vibration, sound and visual.
So the guest receives their order more quickly and can reorder more quickly.

Pager call system buzzer mobile phone catering Pager call system buzzer mobile phone catering
Pager call system buzzer cell phone catering Pager call system buzzer cell phone catering
Paying made easy

Your guests pay directly on their cell phone!

  • Protect your staff
  • Support new and old payment methods
  • The currency conversion takes place automatically
  • More payment methods will be added in the future, so you are on the safe side and can always process payments

Mobile payment, saferpay,, Tap on Mobile

Service at the push of a button?

Call the service from the QR code menu card on your mobile phone at the push of a button.
They will be informed immediately about your request for advice.
e.g. on our elegant service clock

Service Watch

If the guest calls the service, the service is immediately informed via a vibration alarm.

Powerful statistics

Our system collects as much data as possible.

See in detail how your sales are made up and how they are generated.
You will receive comprehensive evaluations and diagrams first hand.

No key figure remains hidden here!

Sales statistics, stats, evaluation
Swiss quality software

Why swiss delicious®?

A number of digital menu providers have emerged in recent years.

swiss delicious® used the first digital tablet food and drink menu in the Mama Puccini restaurant in Kufstein, Austria, in 2010. This was supplemented by a simple version of our today advanced order monitor.
In 2011 We then showed the digital map to a broad audience for the first time at the FAFGA trade fair in Innsbruck.
In 2012, visitors to Internorga in Hamburg were able to enjoy version 2.0 of our tablet menu. You can see a video from 2012 here.

We understood very early on that the digital menu saves a lot of processes in the restaurant and greatly reduces the burden on service and the kitchen.
This saves a lot of walking during service, the guest has to wait much less and can order again more quickly.
The QR code card is compatible with all of our products and is fully integrated into our cash register system.
  • Your own desired design for your restaurant
  • No download or registration requirement for your guests
  • Unlimited items and product groups
  • Branch management

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

It is important to us that you are satisfied with us.
If you have any further questions, please contact us!

What is needed?

Your menu can be managed conveniently via PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone from anywhere and at any time.
To use the ordering option, you can conveniently do this on an order monitor to display. Alternatively, our cash register system receives submitted orders and enables corrections and additions by the service staff.
Guests can use their own internet-enabled devices to view the menu and place orders. No additional downloads are necessary and no additional registration is required.

Do I have to pay commission on orders?

We treat you fairly.

How is the menu maintained?

Your menu can be managed conveniently via PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone from anywhere and at any time.
Product groups and items can be entered, edited and deleted via our administration interface. Of course, additional information, images, prices, etc. can be configured.
Of course, we are also happy to offer you our help with the initial configuration.

How does the service find the right guest?

If you use the menu without an ordering function, the guest will contact the service directly after checking the card and place their order in the classic way.
If the order function is active, the service receives the guest's seat details directly when ordering. These are already stored in the QR code and can be attached to the tables or areas using a table stand or sticker.

Does your guest have an extra request?

Guests can of course also send notes and predefined side dishes, cooking levels, etc. with their order.
These can be viewed by your service and kitchen staff.

How does the delivery service work?

It's very simple! The customer orders and pays (optionally) conveniently on the device of their choice via a web browser (web app).
You will receive the complete order immediately on the devices of your choice.
(e.g. order monitor, (mobile) cash register, smartwatch, cell phone ...)
No commissions are due for this. All orders are immediately in the cash register system and can be easily billed.
We deliver and create your print media, QR codes, website, etc.

Don't you lose contact with customers?

We do not see our products as a replacement, but rather as a useful addition to the classic service. Personal contact should not be replaced but improved.
Our apps actively support the service staff with smart additional information about products and guests.
By saving unnecessary journeys, the service has more time to take care of the important concerns of your guests.

Does this also work with my POS system?

We have thought of everything and have the right solution for you for every situation:

  • Our system works independently and therefore requires no additional software.
  • Are you missing a suitable cash register system?
    With our in-house development we offer you a complete, flexible and innovative solution.
  • Do you already have a cash register system?
    We can easily set up an interface for you.

How do I receive information about my sales?

All transactions are recorded via our system.
Our statistics module allows detailed evaluation with extensive filters and display options.

Cinema trailer QR code order

The fun cinema trailor, which brings with it a desire to consume.

Classic Tablet menu card (2012)

Back in 2012, our digital map was way ahead of its time.
See for yourself:

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