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Your digital wine list invites you to browse and also supports your sommelier or sales representative in sales.
Each wine bottle is presented in an elegant design at the push of a button.

Professional images

According to the motto “The eye drinks too”, we offer our customers a complete photo package.

Easy care

Add your wines conveniently and easily from anywhere using your web browser.

On any device

The professional wine list works on your homepage, on a tablet / iPad and on your mobile phone.

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  • The wine list is beautifully presented on an iPad or tablet in an elegant leather case and invites you to browse through high-resolution images.

    • Faster to enjoy thanks to adjustable preferences
    • Ranking option to arrange the wines as desired
    • Central data maintenance for immediate changes
    • Photo complete package
    • No more expensive printing errors
    • Integration into your website
    • Android and iOS compatible
    • Complete functionality of classic maps
    • Attractive pictures and descriptions
    • Search function and filter (e.g. country) for wines
    • Flexible design (corporate identity)
    • Central data maintenance for immediate map changes

    Tip: The digital wine list also supports the wine retailer in sales.
  • The digital wine list can be usefully supplemented with other products.

Why swiss delicious®?

A number of digital wine list providers have emerged in recent years.

swiss delicious® used the first digital menu on a tablet in the Mama Puccini restaurant in Kufstein, Austria, in 2010.

We understood very early on that the digital (wine) menu with attractive images invites consumption and browsing.
According to the motto "the eye drinks too", the sale of expensive wines in particular is encouraged.

In 2012, visitors to the Internorga trade fair in Hamburg were able to enjoy version 2.0 of our tablet menu.
Shortly afterwards, we presented our high-gloss wine list to guests on a tablet in an elegant case for the first time in Zurich - in the restaurant "Oberes Triemli", which is already in its 5th generation.
You can still see the result of our over a decade there marvel at the constant development.

The digital wine list is compatible with all of our products and integrates fully into your website.
  • Own desired design for your restaurant
  • Unlimited items and product groups
  • High-quality photos of the wines
  • Works on tablet, iPad, cell phone, PC, iMac, iPhone etc.

Would you like a sommelier?

Call the sommelier at the push of a button. This person will be informed immediately about your request for advice
e.g. on our elegant service clock

Service Watch

If the guest calls the sommelier, the service is informed immediately.


"Eine Weinkarte, wenn mit Phantasie gelesen, ist fast so schön, wie wirklich voll gewesen."
Approximately: "A wine list, if read with imagination, is almost as nice as being drunk for real.

Carl Zuckmayer

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

It is important to us that you are satisfied with us.
If you have any further questions, please contact us!

What is needed?

Your wine list can be managed conveniently via PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone from anywhere and at any time.
To use the ordering option, you can conveniently do this on an order monitor to display. Alternatively, our cash register system receives submitted orders and enables corrections and additions by the service staff.
Guests can use their own internet-enabled devices to view the wine list and place orders. No additional downloads are necessary and no additional registration is required.
However, for a real feast for the eyes, we recommend using tablets, which we provide with elegant leather cases.

How is the wine list maintained?

Your wine list can be managed conveniently via PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone from anywhere and at any time.
Product groups and wines can be entered, edited and deleted via our administration interface. Of course, additional information such as origin, alcohol content, ingredients and taste as well as images, prices, etc. can be configured.
Of course, we are also happy to offer you our help with the initial configuration.

A wine is not available - what now?

You may be familiar with the situation... a customer was given detailed advice and chose his favorite wine, but unfortunately it is no longer available.
The sommelier has to inform the customer, who is disappointed and, in the best case, starts his selection process again.
With our digital wine list you can update your wine list on all devices at the same time and unavailable items can be removed directly from the offer.

How do my guests find the right wine?

Our wine list has various configurable filter and search functions.
Guests can, among other things, search specifically for the country or region of production, alcohol content, ingredients or the desired taste experience and receive a selection tailored to their needs.
Attractive images, wine descriptions, tasting notes, etc. support the final selection.

Don't you lose contact with customers?

We do not see our products as a replacement, but rather as a sensible addition to the classic sommelier. Personal contact should not be replaced but improved.
Our apps support your sommelier with smart additional information about the products on offer.
Your guests can find out more about your offer at their leisure and in detail and then contact your specialist staff if they have any questions.

Classic Tablet menu card (2012)

Back in 2012, our digital map was way ahead of its time.
See for yourself:

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