The electronic menu card - Restaurant 2.0

Digital menu card in restaurants You're looking forward to visit a restaurant, you finally find a restaurant that suits your taste and then... you have to wait:
You wait for the service employee, you wait for your order, you wait if you want to reorder, you wait for the bill... you definately wait too much.
Using our electronic menu card you can reduce the necessary number of steps during the order process by at least the half (typically even >60%)! That means that your guests are enabled to order twice as fast - that arranges for satisfaction and invites to stay longer and consume more - on average by an additional 35%.
Electronic menu card in restaurants
Let your guests enjoy the benefits of the 21st century and offer more rapid handling of orders, more service and entertainment to them with the digitale menu card. Your guests will show their gratitude for the better, specific service you can offer them from now on with increased consumption and higher tips.
By the way: thanks to our versatile linguistic system it doesn't matter who enters your restaurant as your menu card and all included information can be understood by everyone.

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