Digital popcorn for your cinema

The conventional cinema is dead as many movie theater owners have already noticed.
Fewer and fewer people are prepared to spend a lot of money merely for watching a movie - that's why there were various changes to the concept of many film theatres.
Aside from 3D movies, family days and the return of drive-in cinemas additional services have been established in many places. This allows for example for viewing a movie in a restaurant environment or one can order meals and beverages to be delivered to ones place.

Our digital menu card perfectly fits into this concept as ordering system and additionally provides valuable entertainment and advertising possibilities. While orders usually cause annoyance to other cinema-goers because of the approachal of the service employee the process of ordering and the delivery of the aforementioned order, our electronic ordering solution takes care of that issue and reduces them to the absolute minimum as the cinema-goers can place order at anytime by themselves.

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