Digital ordering solution for cafés

Electronic menu card in cafés During the summer there is always a boom for ice cream parlours and cafés and often the guests have to wait for their orders because of massive interest.
The digital ordering system of deliciouspad® allows for lightning-fast orders at any time by the guests themselves.
By using our electronic menu card at least half (typically >60%) of the time-consuming steps of the ordering sequence are therefore omitted and the personnel can gear its capacities towards faster service for the guests. Digital menu card in cafés Order processes are completed as quickly as possible and the rapid process makes for increased customer satisfaction and hence also increases the number of orders by 35% on average.

Because of the associated more efficient deployment of employees, the number of service employees that are necessary for servicing decreases and the service can be enhanced by the ubiquitous linguistic support of our system, particularly in tourist regions.
Our digital menu card offers the unique possibility to pay via PayPal, credit card or even via direct debiting if desired - this exceptionally reduces the time that's necessary for the payment process.

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